Miranda Lambert continues to climb the charts with 'More Like Her,' the third Top 20 single from her award-winning album 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.' But the pressure's already on for the singer, whose third disc is set for a September release.

"Winning the [ACM] Album of the Year is the best thing and the worst thing," Lambert tells Billboard. "It's awesome, but now it's kind of, 'Where are we gonna go from here? We just won album of the year.' So there's definitely a lot of pressure, but in a good way."

Lambert reveals that she's about four songs into the new record so far, and is in the studio hoping to finish before resuming her tour schedule. Next up: an opening slot on Kenny Chesney's Sun City Carnival shows. With some heavy-hitters in her touring past (Keith Urban,George Strait, Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith), Lambert is equally as excited about the upcoming tour dates with Chesney.

"I think Kenny and I are a very good match," she says, "because he has a wide audience. He has nine-year-old girls and then there are 90-year-old grandmothers that love him. I really think I can deliver as far as pumping up his crowds."

Looking ahead to the new record, Lambert says she expects it will include several of her own songs, but she's considering songs by other writers as well.

"What's fun is the more success you have, the better the songs are that you're pitched," she says. "The first record people pitch you songs, and sometimes they're like the ones that Tim [McGraw] threw away and that kind of thing. But this time around it seems like I'm getting a lot of great songs up front."

Fans can expect Lambert to collaborate with boyfriend Blake Shelton, but only "if we find something that feels right," she notes.

In the meantime, Lambert is giving fans the opportunity to pick the next single from 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.' The three contenders are: 'Guilty In Here,' 'Dry Town' and 'Desperation.'