Texas-born Miranda Lambert rarely holds anything back from her fans, especially when it comes to her honest, raw lyrics -- delivered from the perspective of a young, Southern woman who's not afraid to tell it like it is!

In the February issue of Southern Living magazine, Miranda is featured along with her mom, Bev, who shares her special meatloaf recipe with readers and talks about how learning to cook with her mom became a bonding experience for them.

"I'm really close to my mom and my whole family," says the singer. "We have cooked together as far back as she could bring a stool to the kitchen counter. One thing my mom always insisted on is that our family eat dinner together every night. That was her way of making everyone chip in to make it happen. My favorite dish that my mom makes is her famous meatloaf. It's been the choice "birthday dish" for me and my brother since we were little."

Although Miranda has been able to learn many of Bev's cooking secrets, there's one dish she can't quite get "just like mom makes."

"Her mexican food is something I've never mastered. We are from Texas where Mexican food is a staple weekly dish for most families. Mom's enchiladas would stand up against anybody's! I'm going to keep working on it though. The worst enchiladas are wonderful and I love the research!"

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Miranda and boyfriend Blake Shelton are already making plans for the romantic night. "My idea of a great Valentine's Day is spending the day at home with Blake, taking the his little boat on the lake with a picnic basket and fish together. We both travel so much that one day at home together is a gift. We love to fish and back-road to have fun."

And what will the happy couple dine on during their picnic? "Blake is a big fan of appetizers," says Miranda, "so I'm sure I'll start out with some chips and dips or stuffed jalepenos. He really loves my corn casserole, too. That is probably his favorite dish that I cook. Most likely the meal will also have some venison."

Miranda also reveals the three things every Southern woman should do before she dies: Learn to change a tire, drive a tractor and cook something fried.

"Those three things will empower you!" she says.

The February issue of Southern Living, featuring Miranda and her mom in the column titled "Mama's Way or Your Way?," is on newsstands now.