Miranda Lambert and and former "The Voice" contestant RaeLynn are spending a lot of time together as of late. Since Blake Shelton introduced his wife to the young singer on the reality show, Miranda has taken RaeLynn under her wing. In addition to touring with the songstress, RaeLynn is now writing with her idol.

The first song to hit the web is, "Lie," which RaeLynn tweeted earlier this week. The song is a story of unrequited love that has driven the narrator to desperate measures. "Tell me that you want me / Even if you have to, even if you have to / Lie." (Watch Miranda & RaeLynn perform it below.)

In the video, RaeLynn plays the lovesick tune on an acoustic guitar, while Miranda sings harmony. There seem to be a few nods to Miranda's own catalog, with references to the girl you "take home to mama."

Miranda is currently on the road for her On Fire tour. Her next stop is tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio. Get a full list of dates here.