Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert is certainly a pretty young lady, and though she can shoot a rifle and drink all night with the boys, she can also hold her own during glamorous photo shoots for magazine covers and TV ads, like her Cotton commercial. But the feisty performer tells Dial-Global that while she loves looking beautiful and feeling like a princess on occasion, it's the least favorite part of her job.

"I'm just so not, like, photoshoot-y ... it's not my scene. I know it's gotta be done and it's part of the job. That really is work to me. I love looking beautiful and having the picture, but I don't like the process of three hours of glam and all that crap. It's not my thing ... and some people love it! I would kill myself if I was a model ... can't eat and you have people all day in your face touching you. No!."

Miranda will have to suffer through glamming up again next month at the Grammy Awards, where she's nominated for Best Female Country Performance for 'Dead Flowers.'