Miranda Lambert is voicing her opinion about the "bro-country" trend, but rather than condemning other artists, she's simply letting her fans know that party tunes aren't for her.

“I can’t sell party songs,” she says. “I mean, I have them all on my iPod, but I cannot say, ‘Tailgate, she’s a hot a--, dancin’.' I can’t sell that as a female artist. That would sound weird.”

The closest Lambert says she'll come to a party anthem is her song 'Smokin' and Drinkin',' off of her Grammy-winning album 'Platinum.' The tune was penned by Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally and Luke Laird with a more old-fashioned idea of bonfires and high school parties in mind, and while it may not having a driving beat that inspires you to get up and dance, Lambert says the song definitely inspires her to do other things.

“It really, really, really makes me want to smoke and drink,” she says. “I don’t smoke. But I drink. A lot.

“I feel like this is my party song,” Lambert adds. “I want to party when I hear this song, in my own way. That’s why I connected to it. I just immediately was like, ‘Yes.'"

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