Miranda Lambert, MomThis Sunday, May 9, Miranda Lambert will do more than celebrate her mother, Bev, she'll celebrate her best friend.

"My mom, she's the greatest," Miranda tells The Boot. "She's like my best friend, which is her best asset, [but] when I was 17, [it was] her worst asset. I was like, 'You can't ground me, you're my best friend! You're being mean.' So, we've had our ups and downs, but I think when I turned about 20, we sort of evened out and are really, really close now."

The two appear on the cover of the current issue of Country Weekly, which was the first cover shoot they have gotten to do together.

But things weren't as rosy when she was a teenager. "Mom was booking me in bars," explains Miranda. "I was playing Texas, so my mom was my booking agent. She took the calls [and] I lived at home ... She was working with me and she was kinda like my boss in a way, and I hated that. But she was also my boss in life because she's my mom, so that was a tough time. But we're also one of those families where we can just get in a huge screaming match and five minutes later, we're like 'I love you!' We're not one of these stay-mad-for-a-long-time kind of people. We were the same as every other family when your daughter starts to get 14 or 15 and starts that eye-rolling thing, and then it gets worse and the it's talk back, and then it's take the car when you're not supposed to. We were just like any other family, I just happened to also have to work with my mom which made it a double whammy ... and then I watched her do it with my brother and was [relieved]. 'Okay, good, I'm off the hook. Now it's his turn to be the bad kid.' [laughs]"

The ACM's Top Female Vocalist will also appear on a special Mother's Day edition of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' this weekend. "I love that show," Miranda exclaims. "I watch it all the time on the bus ... [I] just sit on the bus all day and cry. My tour manager will be like, 'You have a show! Can you watch something positive? You're sitting over here crying, you have a meet and greet in a minute!'"

Miranda feels the Mother's Day airing of the episode is perfect. "Really, we're doing a lot of the things. A lot of that show is doing a lot for the people that maybe are disabled or have a disability," Miranda explains. "But the mom and dad are always the ones that really bless us the most because they're the ones who have to do a lot of the work."

Miranda will perform on the ABC show, along with Sheryl Crow, who sings with her on 'The House That Built Me.' (Tune in on Sunday at 8:00 PM ET on ABC.)

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