Miranda Lambert and Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler's new 'do was the topic of red-hot conversation at last week's CMA Awards, but what fans might not realize is that Miranda Lambert was supposed to be a redhead herself by the time the show aired!

The two blondes made a pact earlier this year that they would both go red, but apparently Miranda decided against the change at the last minute, stopping at just a few streaks. "Kellie and I talked about a couple of months ago at the ACM Honors event that we both wanted to go redhead," Miranda tells Dial-Global, "and I was gonna go all the way. I just chickened out at the last minute. Kellie is now a redhead ... I'm a poser, I guess. She looks amazing. I've gotten red before but inside I feel like I'm a redhead, I feel like I have a redhead personality. I'm going ... slowly but surely, piece by piece, going red. So we'll see if I ever go all the way."

It's perhaps appropriate that the song Miranda performed on the CMA Awards was the single, 'White Liar.'