Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert is well- known for her strong female anthems such as 'Gunpowder and Lead,' 'Kerosene,' 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and 'White Liar,' but there's also a softer, more feminine side to the Texas whirlwind that she would like to be able to show off more.

Maybe an alter ego is in store to show that softer side, such as the case with 'Sasha Fierce,' a character created by R&B superstar Beyoncé, of whom Miranda is a big fan. "I feel like the older I'm getting and the more I'm not some crazy kid with a chip on my shoulder as much as I was," Miranda tells The Boot. "I kind of wish I had an alter ego so that I could not have to be in character if I don't want to."

Miranda admits she plays up her tough-girl image because that's part of who she is. "But," she adds with a laugh, " I love to bake cookies. And I love makeup, and I have this girly side that's really only just starting to show because of 'Revolution' and some of those songs. I'm gonna ponder that, because I figure if Beyoncé could have an alter ego, I should follow her because it's always good to follow greatness."

Miranda's latest single from 'Revolution,' the just-released ballad, 'The House That Built Me,' definitely showcases the singer's softer side. The album is among the nominees for the upcoming ACM Awards.

Miranda Lambert on AOL Music