Miranda Lambert's parents, Rick and Beverly, have opened a store in the singer's hometown of Lindale, Texas, to honor their daughter's successful career. It's a one-stop shop for all things Miranda, and it can keep her quite busy -- and a little tipsy -- when she's sampling the merchandise.

One special aspect of the store is the Red 55 Winery, featuring wine in several varieties, each one a unique Miranda-related name. (Miranda's first pick-up truck gave the private-label winery its name).

"One is called 'Kerosene' and one's called 'Electric Pink' [because] my guitar's pink electric," Miranda told American Country Countdown's Kix Brooks recently. "There's a new one that my mom is going to put out called 'White Liar' [after Miranda's latest hit single]. It's going to be a white chardonnay-type thing."

Miranda offers her services as an expert in quality control -- somebody's got to do it, after all. "The hardest part for me is I have to taste them all to make sure I like them before they put them out," she says. "It's a tough gig, man! After the first three samples, I'm like, 'They're all great! This is awesome!'"

Other features of the store are a collection of mementos from Miranda's still-young career, and a live-music space.

"It's got some memorabilia from what I could collect from the last five years, which is not that much, obviously," says the singer. "Just some plaques, pictures of me, merchandise, t-shirts and stuff. They opened a new venue, and they have live music every Friday and Saturday now. It's kind of an acoustic thing. It's really cool! Our little town never had anything like that. We never had a music venue. I would have loved it if it would've been there when I was trying to do something!"

More information about the store is available at Miranda's official website.