Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert rocked Nashville's Ryman Auditorium last week, giving the invited audience a taste of her upcoming album, 'Revolution.' And as The Boot reported last week, Miranda went 'old-school' during part of her set at the historic venue, dusting off the Willie Nelson-penned, 'Crazy,' popularized by Patsy Cline.

The singer tells Entertainment Weekly she wanted to perform the whole song without a microphone and tried it at soundcheck, but the sound guys feared it would get absorbed into the packed crowd, so she opted to turn off her microphone midway through.

"I kind of did it for myself," Miranda says of the gutsy move. "The Ryman was built for that, for the acoustic sound, because they didn't have PA's back then, so I started it with the microphone, and then I just wanted to finish it without. I wanted to see what it felt like to be there 100 years ago."

Miranda's buddies Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson were on hand for the show, and she and Jamey Johnson shared a few celebratory cocktails after the concert, as well. Having TV singing competitions in common, Miranda says she feels a special kinship with Kelly, especially since Kelly hasn't let fame mess with her head.

"We're a lot alike," says the Texan. "She's from the same part of the country as me. Just really down to earth. She doesn't let any of this get to her, and I haven't either. We don't get wrapped up in the scene of being famous, or any of that crap. We just love music."

Critics are loving Miranda's music -- Entertainment Weekly graded 'Revolution' an 'A' and Rolling Stone gives the disc four stars. The album will be in stores tomorrow (Sept. 29).