Miranda LambertWith Miranda Lambert's star racing into the stratosphere, her time is starting to become a bit limited. Not only is she currently on a high profile headlining tour, she is making more television appearances, interviews and magazine layouts, heading up her own business and planning a wedding with Blake Shelton, so the Texas native has little time left over, even for herself

As her success grows, Miranda feels she may inadvertently disappoint a fan or two, but she hopes they understand when her time is so limited. "When you get bigger and you have more success, you're not as accessible, you just can't be," the singer-songwriter admits to The Boot. "We're not able to do as many meet-and-greets as we were because of more radio stuff. It's all kind of behind-the-scenes, and I don't think fans always understand why. It's just harder because you're more in demand, which is awesome, but I just want to let people know that we still love you. We still see you in the crowd and I point at you, I know you're there, so thank you!"

Miranda says country fans, hers in particular, are the best, because they are a proud, supportive group. "They will stand by you, if anybody says anything on a blog, they will stand by you to [the] death," she explains. "I see fans out in the crowd that I've seen from when I played the Grand Central Station tour when 'Me and Charlie Talking' came out. I see those people, and I see them in the crowd and they're proud ... They feel like they have ownership of it, and they do. They bought a ticket and they bought a CD back then and they're still doing it now."

Miranda will perform for her fans and friends, when she takes to Nashville's LP Field stage during this year's CMA Music Festival on June 11.

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