Miranda Lambert, MomMiranda Lambert is excited for her fan club party next week, especially since she can share the celebration of her recent ACM Award wins -- including Top Female Vocalist -- with her devoted fans, who are pretty gratified by her success.

The Texas native plays a big part in the planning of her party, as does her mother, Bev, who is her fan club president. It's a role Bev does not take lightly. "Mom does a great job with the fan club party," Miranda tells The Boot. "She's almost so involved with the fans sometimes I think it's scary, because I'm like, 'Mom, if they get mad at me, they're gonna get mad at you too!' She's so personal with them, which is awesome; that's what good about having your mom as your fan club president, but also she gets the bad news sometimes, too and it's like, 'What's wrong today, mom?' 'Your fans are mad at me today because I had to change the meet-and-greet!' And she gets so upset, but it's just that personal to her. And that way they feel a connection to me because it's my mama."

As for this year's party, details are being kept a secret for now, but Miranda's fans know it is going to be a good time with some of the same elements they have come to love about the annual bash. "Everyone always says, 'Y'alls is one of the best.' It's just real. It's a party. It's not formal. You call it a fan club party for a reason. No matter what time it is, if we have one at nine in the morning, we serve beer and barbecue, that's just how we are."

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