Miranda Lambert has revealed the cover art and release date for her hotly-anticipated new album, 'Platinum.'

The singer-songwriter revealed the details of her fifth studio album on 'Good Morning America' on Monday (March 10). 'Platinum' is slated to drop in June, nearly three years after the release of Lambert's last studio effort, 'Four the Record.'

She says the long wait between projects was by design.

"From the day you kinda go, 'I need to start looking for songs and writing songs,' it feels like no matter how much time you have, you're rushed," Lambert tells the Associated Press.

"And so I didn't want to rush it at all. To me it's all about timing and making sure that you can feel like you can finally sit there and go, 'OK, the album's done,' and never have a moment where you go, 'I wish we could change that or I wish we had a different song.'"

Lambert wrote or co-wrote eight of the new album's 16 tracks, crafting an ambitious album that touches on multiple genres and reflects her view of the world as she reaches the milestone of turning 30. The new album includes a song called 'Bathroom Mirror' that contemplates self-image, while another track titled 'Priscilla' is about the tabloid scrutiny that Lambert has endured. Carrie Underwood appears on a collaboration titled 'Something Bad.'

The album's lead single, 'Automatic,' is already at radio. 'Platinum' is set for release on June 3 via Sony Nashville.