Miranda LambertIt is no secret to Miranda Lambert's Twitter followers that the country star is not a big fan of flying, especially in the early morning hours or on the day of a show. Just last week, she tweeted: "I hate airports. I mean hate them. Private jet owners anywhere needin a best friend? If so I'm here to help."

When The Boot sat down with Miranda recently, we asked her about situations that stress her out the most, and the at the top of the list ... you got it: airports!

"I hate them," Miranda says with laughter. "Especially if I fly on a show day which I try not to do that much. When I know that in 10 hours I have to be onstage, and I'm trying to get on the plane ... that's really stressful!"

In January, Miranda kicks off the last leg of Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night tour, which will more than likely have the singer facing a few airports along the way! Until then, Miranda is getting ready to "nest" in her farm in southern Oklahoma for the Christmas holiday.