Blake Shelton, Miranda LambertOver the past few years, Miranda Lambert has developed a unique love for certain items her boyfriend, fellow artist, Blake Shelton, enjoys teasing her about.

"I collect salt and pepper shakers," Miranda tells The Boot with a burst of laughter. "Blake calls me a ma'maw [Southern slang for 'grandma'] because of it. I actually have a knick-knack shelf at 26. I think it's cool!"

Miranda, who turned 26 on Nov. 10, was able to add to her little collection of shakers when she received some as birthday presents, including a set from her bass player.

And with Christmas right around the corner, Miranda just might have more salt and peeper shakers in her future! But what she's really hoping Santa will bring is new pots and pans so she can retire some of the older cookware she's used over the years.

After a relaxing December, Miranda will hit the road in full swing as part of Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night tour with Justin Moore also on the bill.