Miranda Lambert's band has been backing her for several years, and the whole team on stage feels like a big family with the lead singer playing the role of matriarch.

"They called me Mama Duck for the longest time because I used to get really upset about everything," Miranda tells The Boot. "I made sure that they acted right and that they didn't bring random girls on the bus. I've loosened up a lot ... We've become a family and we've come from literally the very beginning to now, which is a whole new level for us."

Even though she likes to have fun with her crew, the singer-songwriter does take her responsibilities as an employer very seriously. "There are times when we hang out and we're friends, and we party together and we all get along. But then there are times when I have to be the boss and make decisions. It's good for me, though. I trust the people around me but at some point it's ultimately my decision and I have to sometimes be firm. Like when it comes to having to fire someone, I have to make that decision, and it sucks. It's hard to separate, but we have a good balance."

Miranda has hit the charts with her latest single, 'Only Prettier,' which is the third release from her award-winning album 'Revolution.'