Miranda LambertJust last month, Miranda Lambert picked up three ACM Awards, including Album of the Year for 'Revolution,' as well as the Top Female Vocalist Award. Miranda says the awards give her a bit of influence, especially with her fiance, Blake Shelton.

"I'm one of those people that will milk it to the last drop when I win something. I'm still talking about Album of the Year (for 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend') that I won two years ago," Miranda tells The Boot. "If Blake's been bad, I say, 'You can't talk to me like that, I won Album of the Year.' That's two years ago. Now, I have a lot more leverage. It is awesome [laughs]. It really is."

Other than leverage, all three awards meant so much to the fiery singer-songwriter. "Album of the Year is something that I'll always kind of hope for. I'll always go, 'Man, I really want this one,'" says Miranda. "But, Female Vocalist of the Year is something I never even really dreamed about winning. I never thought that I would win something like that because I just never considered myself up there with Reba [McEntire] and Martina [McBride] and Carrie [Underwood]. First of all, I started crying ... I'm usually the non-crier. I sometimes go, 'Am I rude because I don't cry? I'm too excited to cry!' But that one really broke me. We had a show right after the ACM Awards, we had one day off and then we had three shows, and I was standing up there and I sang 'Crazy' for the encore with my guitar player, just us two. [It's] something I've been doing since I was 17, and I got to sing it as Female Vocalist of the Year. And my band even said, 'You were singing really good tonight.' 'I have to! I'm Female Vocalist of the Year!' [laughs] It really hit me, when I went back on the road that I actually am up there with those people, or at least they thought I was for that moment and they voted for me."

Miranda, who is scaling the chart with her hit 'The House That Built Me,' is in the middle of her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars tour.

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