Miranda Lambert has unveiled the video for her current single, 'All Kinds of Kinds.'

Released in June as the fifth single from Lambert's fourth studio album, 'Four the Record,' the mid-tempo waltz is a celebration of diversity, featuring the lyrics, 'Ever since the beginning / To keep the world spinning / It takes all kinds of kinds." The characters in the song include circus performers, a cross-dressing Congressman, and a pharmacist who helps herself to some of the products she's supposed to be doling out.

Directed by Bluford Sanders, the video intercuts black and white footage of Lambert rehearsing the song informally, clips from her live shows, and ordinary people holding up signs that indicate what kind of person they are.

“‘All Kinds of Kinds’ is such a different song. To me, I heard this — my producer sent it to me — and I don’t know, I just identified with it immediately,” Lambert says.

She adds, “I found my niche, I found my spot in country music, and everyone’s uplifted me through that, and winnin’ awards and havin’ hits, but I still feel like I’m a little bit different. And I’m glad for that.”