Mipso, a quartet that hails from Chapel Hill, N.C., are premiering the music video for their song "Momma" exclusively on The Boot.

The band, comprised of Jacob Sharp (mandolin), Joseph Terrell (guitar), Wood Robinson (bass) and Libby Rodenbough (fiddle), met at UNC-Chapel Hill, and from there, their bluegrass sound was born. "Momma" comes from their 2015 record Old Time Reverie, and it's especially close to Sharp's heart.

"My mom passed away when I was 21, about the same time Mipso started, from ovarian cancer. She'd been in chemo for a few years before that -- and the finality of her life was a known part of my adolescence," the mandolin player tells the Boot. "I think that experience shaped a lot of my thoughts and actions as I've grown, and how I view relationships. It's the first place I started writing from, taking these personal emotions and experiences and trying to share them with others and make it more of a conversation."

Specifically, Sharp calls "Momma" "chapter who-knows-what in the writing part of losing a loved one," adding that it "at times is a conversation directly with my family members, and other points I guess a challenge of my personal faith."

The "Momma" video, says Sharp, visually portrays the song's inspiration: "... the moment where the absence of your most loved one no longer dominates your day to day. For me, it’s simultaneously the most unsettling and comforting part of the mourning process, and this video tries to show that nuance."

Old Time Reverie, Mispo's sophomore record, was produced by Mandolin Orange’s Andrew Marlin. After its release in October, the album landed at No. 1 on the Billboard bluegrass chart. Fans can buy Old Time Reverie on iTunes.

Mipso are is set to hit the road on a fall headlining tour, scheduled to kick off on Oct. 7 at Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, N.C. For more information on upcoming tour dates, visit their official website.