Is there a Mindy McCready sex tape?

Just when the fallen country star seemed to be getting her life and career back on track, Vivid Entertainment is claiming to have obtained a video showing Mindy and a man named Peter (last name unknown) engaging in explicit sexual activity. The company, which also released an infamous sex tape starring reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, has titled the film 'Baseball Mistress,' as it also allegedly features Mindy telling graphic details of her affair with married baseball star Roger Clemens. A source claiming to have seen the video tells FOX News that the singer boasts that sex with Clemens was good, despite his problems with erectile dysfunction. Mindy also insists on camera that she's not "a bad girl" and actually wishes she could meet Clemens' wife. "I wish she and I had spoken because I realize now that the stories I was being told from Roger weren't exactly the truth," she reportedly says on camera.

Clemens apparently isn't the only celebrity mentioned on this explosive tape. According to FOX, Mindy also talks about trysts with a few other celebrities, including her ex-fiancé Dean Cain. And in this post (or pre?) sex ramble, she even takes a shot at Oprah Winfrey, reportedly calling the talk show queen a racist. FOX's source says Mindy claims that Oprah told her that white women should be strong enough to get out of an abusive relationship. [Mindy appeared on 'Oprah' a few years ago, talking about her tumultuous and abusive relationship with the father of her son.]

FOX's source is reporting that 'Baseball Mistress' will be released on April 19 on That's just one week after the singer is scheduled for two media days in Nashville, where she'll talk to reporters from all over the country about her upcoming album, 'I'm Still Here.' The new music is supposed to be a reflection of Mindy's new life, as she tries to make the transition from tabloid star back to country star. She just completed a season of the reality show, 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,' tackling her addition to drugs and alcohol. And she also has a documentary in the works.

In the country world, Mindy is best known for her hits 'Guys Do It All the Time' and '10,000 Angels.' But to the rest of the world, she's best known for her alleged affair with Clemens that preceded a laundry list of problems with the law. She was arrested in 2004 for fraudulently obtaining prescription pills. In 2005, she was picked up for DUI and was arrested again just two months later on a string of charges, including identity theft and unlawful imprisonment. A subsequent arrest came in July 2007, when Mindy allegedly assaulted her own mother and then resisted arrest. That incident resulted in her spending four months in a Tennessee jail. Another jail stint came in 2008 after the singer violated her probation. Later that year, she entered rehab twice -- the second time after a failed suicide attempt.

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