Mindy McCready has certainly become accustomed to grabbing headlines, Yet, in just the past week the troubled 34-year-old has been on a media-fueled rollercoaster that began with reports of a supposed drug overdose and hasn't let up.

Here's a recap of the latest bizarre chapter in the singer's personal -- and very public -- saga:

On Tuesday morning, May 25, TMZ reported that Mindy, who was in North Fort Myers, Fla., visiting her mother, Gayle, and her four-year-old son, Zander (who is in the custody of Gayle), had been hospitalized, noting that the cause was a possible drug overdose. The 911 call made by her mother stated that Mindy was found unconscious at Gayle's home on Tuesday morning.

Less than a hour later, TMZ updated their report saying the singer did not overdose, but had a reaction to the narcotic painkiller Darvocet, allegedly given to Mindy by her mother to ease the pain of a toe she had broken two days earlier. Brent Young, identified as Mindy's representative, reportedly told TMZ that the 911 call was a result of her mother "overreacting." He also suggested that the call may have been a move by Gayle to strengthen her custody argument for Zander, further exacerbating the highly publicized battle. Mindy was reported by Young at the time to be "totally coherent." He added, "She can't believe her mom did this."

The country star, who has waged a lengthy and public battle with alcohol and prescription drug abuse, had just recently completed a stint on 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,' crediting the show with saving her life. Not only had she recently released a new album, she had also won the right to reopen the custody case involving her son. Dr. Drew was quoted by TMZ as saying that there was "no evidence of any relapse," adding that Darvocet was an appropriate medication for her pain.

On Wednesday, May 26, Mindy was released from Cape Coral hospital. And while that might have been the end of the story, a war of words soon began. First, Mindy's Nashville reps insisted that Brent Young is neither employed by Mindy nor by her Music City-based publicity firm. LaterTMZ reported later in the day that Mindy had requested a judge issue an order to stop her mother from giving what court documents state is "erroneous information to the media ... to sabotage her [reunion] efforts with her son." The judge denied the gag order. Mindy also asked the court to change the boy's custody, with the judge also denying that request.

Mindy says her father should have custody of the boy. Her dad, Tim McCready, tells TMZ he'd be willing to take the boy because "I love my grandson; he's a super kid." Tim McCready did say, however, that he has no control over the boy's custody.

On Thursday, May 27, Mindy's Nashville reps issued a statement saying "Mindy is at home resting; her condition is good and she is in good spirits. [She] is truly grateful for, and humbled by, the outpour of support. She has released her new CD and the court has reopened her case to regain custody of her son, Zander. She has been awarded visitation with her son, with the hope that in the coming months, she will bring him home to Nashville."

The statement adds that Mindy has been involved in "a rigorous media campaign to introduce her new music, and in the meantime, traveling back and forth from Nashville to Ft. Myers to participate in the court proceedings. Mindy has worked tirelessly to remain healthy. Her commitment to her son and her music is priority. Just last week, the courts allowed Mindy to re-unite with her son under supervised visitation. The supervised visitation took place at the home of Gayle Inge, who is Zander's temporary guardian, and Mindy's mother."

The statement concludes by saying that the company has "not received the medical reports to accurately document or verify the diagnosis (or reason) for Mindy's hospitalization or the statements that have been made. We have not been provided official information or documentation to support statements that Mindy tried to commit suicide, nor have we been given reason or evidence to believe Mindy was hospitalized due to an overdose. Thoughts, prayers and encouragement will prove much more effective than sensational statements and headlines."