Mindy McCready has asked a judge to stop her mother, Gayle, from giving what court documents state is "erroneous information to the media ... to sabotage her [reunion] efforts with her son," according to TMZ. The website reports that the judge denied the request last night (Wed., May 26).

The latest court action stems from Mindy's mother calling 911 on Tuesday, May 25, saying her daughter had taken drugs in an attempt to commit suicide. Apparently, Mindy told officials her mother overreacted after Mindy took four Darvocet pills her mother had given her for pain.

Mindy and her mom are sparring over custody of Mindy's son. Although Mindy says her mom's custodial role puts her son in danger and asked the court to change his custody, the judge yesterday also denied that request.

Mindy says her father should have custody of the boy. Her dad, Tim McCready, tells TMZ he'd be willing to take the boy because "I love my grandson; he's a super kid."

Tim McCready did say, however, that he has no control over the boy's custody.

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