Rumors began swirling recently that Carrie Underwood's husband, pro hockey player Mike Fisher, might be headed to Nashville to play. Now the newlywed couple have confirmed the news! Mike, who formerly played for the Ottawa Senators, has officially been traded to Music City's NHL franchise, the Predators.

"We will both truly miss Ottawa," Carrie says (quote via People). "Mike has been such a big part of the community, and I will never forget how they welcomed me with open arms. We obviously love Nashville, and the teams' decision for him to now play with the Predators is an exciting opportunity for Mike. I support him wherever he plays!"

The couple have been dividing their time between their new home in Ottawa and the singer's home in Nashville. Carrie recently reported that she was enjoying her time in Canada, and was staying busy trying to get unpacked and settled into their recently-built home there.

The Oklahoma native is enjoying time off the road while she works on a new album. Mike's reassignment may mean he will be able to accompany her to Sunday's Grammy Awards, where she is nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

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