Mike Aiken has released his new single, 'Your Memory Wins.'

The more traditional country ballad, co-written by Aiken and Austin Cunningham, is a departure from summer's anthems about trucks, beer and girls, instead focusing on the feelings that remain after losing a loved one.

"When Austin and I set out to write a traditional, cry-in-your-beer country song, I don't think either of us thought we'd truly catch it this well," Aiken says, "I'm really proud of how this song turned out. It took us over a year to finish, and during that time we both had things happen in our lives that took the song even closer to the bone."

Aiken is joined on the track by Dan Dugmore and Dan Baird, who also produced the album.

"The icing for me was when we got the legendary Dan Dugmore to track pedal steel," he says. "That dude can reach in your chest, pull out your heart, wring it out and put it back. Add the baritone and you're walking down lonely street... one step closer to tears."

'Your Memory Wins' can be previewed at MikeAikenMusic.com and purchased via iTunes and Amazon.