Mike Aiken's 'Summertime Song' video might be the perfect way to enjoy the hot, lazy days. Filmed over July 4 weekend at various locations in Virginia, the video shoot was such fun that Aiken even popped open a beer at 10AM, saying, "Sometimes you just gotta cut loose."

'Summertime Song' is the first single from Aiken's sixth studio album, 'Captains & Cowboys.' The video draws from his own laid-back lifestyle, including clips from places he and his wife have visited on the 42-foot sailboat they currently call home. "We used some footage from our own travels," Aiken explains. "But we were also able to incorporate clips from the Bahamas, Costa Rica, California and Brazil sent to us by friends. We like to keep our world view as large as possible."

The singer hopes even land-locked fans enjoy the video's picturesque scenes for a few minutes. "I want folks to actually feel the sand between their toes when they watch this video," he notes. "Because a day at the beach beats most days anywhere else."

Aiken clearly has a strong affinity for the water. His previous video, 'Save the Whales,' was used to bring awareness to the sea creatures that are perilously close to extinction.

'Captains & Cowboys' is available for purchase here.