Mickey Guyton has released a lyric video for her latest single, "Somebody Else Will." The song is the second single from her self-titled EP, which was released in July.

In the video, the song's lyrics, such as "Don't worry, love ain't in a hurry / Yeah, I know you think you're spinning your wheels / But one day, it's gonna find you / If he don't love you, somebody else will / Somebody else will" are displayed on social media and in various forms on Guyton's phone.

Even though Guyton didn't write "Somebody Else Will" -- the song was penned by Luke Laird, Ashley Gorley and Hillary Lindsey -- she says that it's an easy message for her to convey.

"Most songs that I've cut or written are my personal experiences. So I think of those things when I'm singing," Guyton tells Billboard. "I try to reflect that in the way I sing certain parts -- whether it's a soft song or a certain crack in my voice, I just try to put myself into it and sing it. I don't try to do too much flashy stuff vocally. I just try to do what's in my heart at the time."

The 32-year-old's debut single, "Better Than You Left Me,' was the most-added song on country radio when it was released in January. But if that seems like a lot of pressure for a brand-new artist, Guyton says that it's nothing compared to the expectations she puts on herself.

“To be honest, I’m just so hard on myself. And I put so much pressure on myself. If it’s coming from anybody, it’s coming from me,” Guyton tells The Boot. “I just try so hard to not get in my head. I try so hard to pay attention to what everybody else is doing and just trying to just focus on getting that song up there.”

Download "Somebody Else Will" on iTunes.