Michael Ray has revealed his second single, from his recently released eponymous debut album.

"Real Men Love Jesus" was written by Lance Miller, Brad and Brett Warren and Adam Sanders -- "four buddies of mine," says Ray, who adds that "it's one of those songs that I wish is one I had written, because it's one of the best songs that I've ever heard."

"I’m so honored to have it on the record," Ray tells The Boot. "It’s about real guys; it’s not a religious song. It’s about being a good guy.

"I wanted to put a song on there for the guy that gets overlooked -- the guy that’s working all week and has a few beers on the weekend but is just trying to do right, keep his head down and raise a family," the singer continues. "Those are the guys who raised me. That’s my dad, that’s me, that’s my grandpa -- the men who were in my life."

Ray says that the song resonated with him because of his own upbringing, during which he maintained a close relationship with both his immediate and extended family.

"One of the lines that stands out is, the end of the chorus says, 'To say I love you / They don’t need a reason / Real men love Jesus,'" Ray says. "I’m 27, and my dad hugs me and tells me he loves me every day; I talked to him on my way to this interview. My grandfather was the same way, so that really stuck out.

"... I wanted to put songs out that hit everybody," he adds. "I feel like the middle guy is always overlooked."

Ray only wrote one of the tracks on his new album, but all of the songs that he recorded mean something to him personally.

"[I wanted] songs that not only I could relate to, because listening to songs, you want to be able to deliver that message to the audience, so that they feel what you’re feeling," he explains. "I wanted to be real. I wanted to be honest, and I wanted to cut songs that, I had been through that situation, and I knew other people had as well, and not just me."

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