With a stirring rendition of "Love Hurts," Meghan Linsey turned three of The Voice coaches' chairs during her blind audition on Monday night's (Feb. 23) Season 8 premiere ... but not Blake Shelton's!

"Oh my gosh ... Wait a minute!" Shelton exclaimed after discovering the former Steel Magnolia member was the voice behind the song, which was made popular by both the Everly Brothers and hard rock band Nazareth. However, he was quickly silenced by fellow coach Adam Levine, who wanted to know more about Linsey.

"I've known [Shelton] for years ... I toured with him," Linsey told Levine, Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguliera, prompting them to throw a few shocked looks and some teasing Shelton's way, before turning their attention back to Linsey and asking whose team she'll be joining.

"I thought I knew what I was gonna do, but now I'm really confused," Linsey admitted. "I'm really struggling."

After a few moments of weighing her options, Linsey decided to join Williams' team. Last season was his first time as a coach on The Voice; he has yet to have a team member win, as Craig Wayne Boyd was crowned the show's Season 7 victor.

Linsey first revealed she would be auditioning for The Voice on her Facebook page earlier this month. She crowdfunded and released a solo EP last year.

“I think it’s a good lesson to learn,” she tells The Boot of being an independent artist. “I think every artist should have to do everything for themselves at one point or another.”

So, is Shelton upset he missed out on the opportunity to have Linsey on his team this season?

"Actually, no," he said after her audition, "because if she hadn't have picked me, I'd have been really pissed off. She's one of the best singers I've ever heard in my life."

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