Meghan Linsey sang herself into the finals during Season 8 of The Voice, coming in second place while on Blake Shelton's team. The singer seemed to effortlessly belt out songs like "Girl Crush," "Steamroller Blues" and "Tennessee Whiskey" week after week, but she reveals that she was a nervous wreck the entire time.

"There’s never a moment where you don’t feel pressure," Linsey tells The Boot. "It’s a very stressful situation."

The Louisiana native sang "Love Hurts" during her blind audition, causing every coach but Shelton to turn their red chair around.

"You really put yourself out there during your audition," she says. "I don’t know how I sang that song. It was so nerve-wracking, but I believe in risk. I took a risk, and I think it really paid off, and I feel good about that."

Linsey originally chose to join Pharrell Williams' team, but when Williams ultimately chose another contestant over her in a Battle Round, Shelton quickly stole Linsey for his own team. Although the two had toured together when Linsey was part of the duo Steel Magnolia, they formed an even tighter friendship during her time on The Voice.

"Blake’s been great," Linsey says. "I’ll just text him questions, and he’ll text me right back. He definitely has some good ideas. He’s really, truly just an amazing human being. And I think people know that, but if they don’t, they should know that Blake Shelton is an incredible human."

Linsey also says that, despite the fact that The Voice is a competition, she and her fellow contestants became good friends during their time on the show.

"My best friends from the show were Sarah Potenza and Kimberly Nichole," she says. "And Sawyer [Fredericks, the Season 8 winner] was such an amazing kid. I loved him. He’s like my little brother. All the Top 4 -- Josh Davis, Koryn [Hawthorne]. I feel like there were so many minors, and they were all my children.

"I’m realizing how old I am now," Linsey adds with a laugh.

Still, after spending so much time on the West Coast, Linsey says that she was ready to return to Music City.

"It feels so good to be home, in Nashville," she admits. "I love Nashville ... I love LA, but I think I was there a little too long. It feels great to be home."

Linsey is currently working on a new album.