Fans attending the final day of CMA Music Festival were in a giving spirit as they purchased $150,000 worth of memorabilia, benefiting the YWCA Weaver Domestic Violence Shelter. Martina McBride hosted the event, which brought in 50 percent more proceeds than last year.

Martina raised a combined $44,500 by offering up the dress she wore at the Grand Ole Opry re-opening last year, a tour of her Blackbird studio (hosted by the singer and her husband, John McBride) and the 1980s themed costume from her 'Teenage Daughters' video. We asked the country superstar if she has a hard time giving up the memorabilia. "I do, actually," Martina told The Boot backstage at the event. "There are some things I really struggle with letting go, things that really mean a lot to me like clothes I've worn in videos. I remember I auctioned off the jeans I wore in the 'Independence Day' video one year, and as they were going I was thinking, 'Oh, maybe I should have kept those!'"

The Kansas native's generosity led to this year's highest bid. "The dress I auctioned off that I wore to the coming home special for the Opry brought in $27,000, which makes me think, 'Oh my goodness. That's going to help so many people,'" Martina reveals. "I want to give things that mean a lot to me or it's not as special."

Frederick Breedon, Getty Images

Other YWCA Celebrity auction items included a Keith Urban guitar that sold for $4,000, an autographed Garth Brooks guitar that went for $10,000, and Big Kenny's top hat that he wore while serving as guest auctioneer, which raised $2,500.

"I'm always amazed at the big hearts of country music fans," Martina says. "Even in these tough economic times, they realize there is a need to help these women and children who have taken the first step toward getting out of a bad situation and are starting their life over. Their compassion and generosity inspires me."

Martina has a short hiatus from touring until July. Get her full list of concert dates here.

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