Martina McBride and Trace AdkinsTrace Adkins and Martina McBride took their co-headlining 'Shine All Night' tour to Oklahoma City, with the two performing at the Ford Center on Saturday (Dec. 5).

After a comical video on the JumboTron, with Trace advertising BC Headache Powder (his latest endorsement), Trace appeared through the stage floor, raised up as the opening notes of 'I Got My Game On' echoed throughout the arena.

Walking the stage front, Trace made the ladies in the crowd squeal with excitement each time he got closer and flashed his trademark crooked smile. His deep baritone rumbled throughout the arena on the last note, as his band immediately launched into 'Swing.' Trace continued to drive the ladies wild, thrusting his hips back and forth to the music and finishing off the song by swinging an imaginary baseball bat into the drums on the last down beat.

Light panels unfolded from the ceiling as the opening strains of 'Songs About Me' played. "That's what we'll be doing here tonight -- songs about us," Trace told the crowd after the song. Then, strapping on his guitar, Trace offered the raw, passionate 'Just Want to Feel Something,' followed by the current chart-climbing hit 'All I Ask for Anymore' and the smash 'You're Gonna Miss This.'

"I want to say something on behalf of Martina and all the guys here tonight," Trace said between songs. "It means a lot that you spend your money to be here with us tonight. I don't have to worry about money no more. I hooked up with this old lady, and she takes care of me ..."

With that, Trace launched into 'Marry for Money.' Next up was 'Chrome,' which got the audience got back on their feet singing every word of the hit, as dancing girls gyrated in silhouette on the screens behind him.

"I'm getting hot," Trace noted after a high-energy performance of 'Rough and Ready.' "Speaking of hot ... here you go, mama."

The sexy video of 'Hot Mama' played on the screen behind him as Trace delivered the steamy song. "That's still my favorite video, believe me," Trace said afterward with a chuckle. "The video for this next song was Video of the Year, but I don't like it near as much as that one!"

Trace then stripped off his black button-down shirt to reveal a tight, black t-shirt showing his impressive physique, and sang his No. 1 hit, 'Ladies Love Country Boys.'

"You know what country boys like ..." Trace said, taunting the crowd as their screaming reverberated throughout the arena, knowing what was next. Swinging his hips low, he launched into the infectious 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.'

Trace returned to the stage for his encore joined by local choir, Philip Thomas and Anointed Praise. "I do a lot of songs that my mama says 'You were raised better than that, boy,'" Trace said. "So I do a song every now and then to let my mama know that I ain't forgot."

He then dedicated 'Muddy Water' to his mother and closed out the night with a moving and spiritual rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground.'

After a brief intermission, the lights once again dimmed and the stage was now wrapped with a sheer, white curtain. A video of dozens of hands clapping played on the curtain as the lights flickered and smoke tumbled from the stage. Martina's band rose from beneath the stage, and Martina appeared with one arm held high pointing in the air.

The powerhouse opened her set with 'Ride,' the lead-off single from her latest album, 'Shine.' followed by the crowd favorite, 'When God-Fearing Women Get the Blues.'

"I've got a good feeling about tonight," Martina exclaimed. "I think I've got a rowdy bunch here! Trace did his job; now it's time for me to do mine!" Crossing the stage in stiletto heels, she asked, "Are you guys ready to shine all night with me?" before launching into another uptempo number, 'Happy Girl,' with a fired-up audience singing along.

"We're all happy tonight, aren't we?," Martina said with a smile, taking a seat at the edge of the stage. "I'm sure Trace also wants to personally thank me for one of his biggest hits ... he wrote it about me ..." "'Hot Mama,' a lone voice from the crowd screamed out. "Exactly," she said with a laugh, pointing to the fan, now standing with his arms in the air to take full credit. "I'm glad he didn't say 'Rough and Ready,'" Martina quipped.

When she got back to singing, Martina showed off her dynamic vocals with the beautiful 'Walk Away,' following that up with one of her earlier hits, 'The Way That I Am.' She slowed things back down with her latest single 'I Just Call You Mine,' the inspirational 'Anyway,' and an angelic take on the Kris Kristofferson classic 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' from her 'Timeless' album, earning her a standing ovation. "That's some good country music right there!," she said.

After an enjoyable performance of 'Wild Angels,' the sheer curtain wrapped around the stage one more time and the stage went dark. A video swept across the screen -- a moon rising and setting over a quiet town. From the corner of the stage, a neon-blue crescent moon cascaded from the top of the arena with Martina perched in the middle, singing 'Concrete Angel.' Soaring high over the audience with her arm raised, by the end of the song, Martina had landed on a smaller stage in the center of the arena.

"How do you like your seats now?" she asked the crowd who frantically scrambled for their cameras. "Now you can officially say you've been mooned by Martina McBride!"

On the rotating platform stage, Martina sang the emotional 'I'm Trying,' followed by 'Love's the Only House,' which she combined the chorus from 'Blessed.'

Martina got the crowd riled up once again with 'This One's for the Girls,' all the while working her way through the crowd toward the main stage.

'Independence Day,' had the superstar pumping her fist in the air as she marched across the stage delivering the anthem that has become the signature song of her 17-year music career.

Martina returned to the stage for a rockin' encore -- sporting an Oklahoma Sooners football jersey, she sang Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' and Bryan Adams' 'Summer of 69.'

The Shine All Night tour will continue to do just that through mid-April.