Martina McBrideWith the recent addition of Ellen DeGeneres to the judges' table on 'American Idol,' along with the news that contentious judge Simon Cowell is leaving the show after this season, everyone has their opinion on how well the show will do, including Martina McBride.

"I think Ellen is going to be great for the show," the country star tells Ontario-based radio station Y101. "She's a music fan, obviously. She's gonna bring a different dimension to it, and I think she's gonna be great. It was a really smart move -- for her and for the show."

One move that may not be as healthy for the show, Martina admits, is Simon's impending departure. "He's a huge part of the show," she says. "It won't be the same without him, for sure."

Martina may have her opinions on the future of 'Idol,' but that doesn't mean she has time to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the show. In addition to hitting the road for her 'Shine All Night' tour, the superstar is also busy renovating her entire house in Nashville. "We bought the house pretty much as is, and have lived there for almost 11 years," she tells Indiana radio station WMDH. "It's just time to make it our own."

As part of the renovation, Martina and her family moved out of their home and into another home nearby, which she hopes will be the catalyst for a new pattern in her life. "I enjoyed the moving process, because it allowed me to really get rid of some stuff. Moving out of our house, going through stuff, purging and then moving back into our house -- I'll be in pretty good shape. It really did help me get organized," she admits, "and I hope that's something that continues."

Martina's 'Shine All Night' tour with Trace Adkins, which also includes opening acts Blake Shelton and Lost Trailers, runs through May 2.