Martina McBride recently hosted a special guest in the Blackbird studio she and husband John McBride own, and their biggest concern wasn't the sound quality -- it was their daughters!

16-year-old Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers trio, recorded a few tracks at Blackbird while in Nashville, all under the watchful eye of the McBride's daughters, Delaney, 14, Emma, 11, and Ava, 4. "John said right up front, 'I want to tell you, we will try for our daughters not to stalk you while you're here,'" Martina assured the young musician during his studio visit.

This was not Martina's first encounter with the Jonas clan. "I got to sing with them when they were here in Nashville at the Ryman," she recalls. "They asked me to come sing with them onstage so I got to go to rehearsal, hang out a little bit. They're really serious about their music, really sweet kids. Got to meet their parents. I wouldn't say we hang out and are really close friends, but we have connected quite a few times."

Martina will be connecting with fans this fall on an arena-based tour. Expect to hear lots of music from her latest CD, 'Shine.'