Martina McBride is returning to Ireland and the UK for her first tour there in 15 years. According to Billboard, the upcoming summer dates are being mounted in preparation for the singer's highly-anticipated American tour slated to begin in November.

Martina will play London on July 31, followed by six shows in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland from August 2-8.

"I've got such a limited amount of time I can tour, with the kids and their schedules," says Martina, whose three daughters with husband John are ages 14, 11 and four.

Finding time to pull back from touring in the States to make an overseas trip was a challenge for Martina, but, she says, "Finally this year, we got offered these dates and I said 'You know what, we hadn't planned to tour this summer in the U.S. so it's a perfect opportunity, and the perfect window for me to do it.'"

Martina's recently-released album, 'Shine,' which has already topped the country charts here and also reached the the Top10 on the multi-genre Billboard 200, is slated for a UK release July 27.

Martina reveals that the upcoming American tour is in the early planning stages, with such aspects as set design now being worked out. She adds that she's pleased with the reception her latest album has received thus far.

"The challenge when you've made nine records is to just figure out a way to move things forward, creatively, and trying not to make the same record over and over again. I worked with a new producer this time [Dann Huff], which got me out of my comfort zone. Luckily I'm still making music and people still seem to be interested in buying it."