Martina McBrideIf she had not had a successful recording career, Martina McBride would possibly be coordinating menus for corporate events and weddings.

"I love to plan parties and cook, and if I didn't do this, I'd probably be a caterer or party planner," Martina explains. She's even posted tips for entertaining, as well as a tried-and-true recipe for Peach Cobbler on her website, as a gift for her fans.

One of the best parties Martina declares she ever threw had a pretty basic theme. "I did a Mexican-themed party, just a dinner party, for some friends, and we had a mariachi band and margaritas and I cooked all the food. That's a fun theme, because it's very colorful."

Martina recently let celebrated chef and talk show host, Rachael Ray, take a peek into her refrigerator at home, and found some surprising items, such as different chocolate sauces, which Martina quickly revealed were for her husband John. "He's a chocoholic! The thing about my fridge is, it's a family fridge, so there's a little of something everybody likes in there." Rachael also found a lot of dairy products as well. Martina, having grown up on a farm in Kansas, says not only does she know how to milk a cow, but she can herd a bunch of the four-legged creatures as well!

The wife and mother of three says she sits down at the beginning of the week and decides what she's going to make for dinner each night. The adventurous cook says she likes to try two new recipes a week, but she does have her standbys, such as jambalaya, meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Martina is set to take the stage at Tuesday's Nashville Rising benefit concert, along with her pals Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Proceeds from the show will go to benefit the flood victims of Middle Tennessee.

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