Martina McBride has been happily married to her husband, sound engineer John McBride, for almost 26 years, and now she is sharing the secret to making their marriage work.

"A sense of humor, and you have to respect each other," McBride notes (quote via CMT). "And he does what I say."

All kidding aside, the singer says even when they aren't working on the road or in their recording studio, they still enjoy spending time together.

“I think it’s important to find someone that you really like as well as love," she adds. "When the infatuation runs out, the first phase of the relationship changes. You really have to be able to say ‘I like to hang out with you. Let’s keep hanging out.’ And mutual respect, [you need] someone who is a good partner. It’s really just [getting] lucky.”

The songstress just released her latest album, 'Everlasting,' which is a collection of some of her favorite covers, including songs by Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Otis Redding. But while the Kansas native says she tried to tried to put her on spin on each of the tunes, she also wanted to pay homage to the artists who made the songs so well known.

"The pressure is to make the songs your own but still keep a reverence to the original," she adds. "Because so many people are in love with those records -- and for good reason. So that's the trick."

McBride says she is especially looking forward to hitting the road next month to perform the tunes live.

“I think my fans will love this record because they are some of the best songs of all time done in a very classic style,” she notes. “I’m so excited for them to hear it and to take this record, complete with a horn section, on the road in the spring.”

Download 'Everlasting' here, and see McBride's complete concert schedule here.