Martina McBride once sold Garth Brooks t-shirts and souvenirs while her husband worked as his sound engineer on the road, So Martina knows what she's talking about when she enthuses that he's getting back to just what he needs to be doing.

"He needs to be performing," Martina tells CMT Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton. "He's a performer and that's what he does best. All his fans will get to see him perform, but then there's a new generation that's going to get to see him perform as well. Like, for instance, my kids have never gotten to see him live -- at least they were too young to remember."

And although it's billed as a one-man show, Garth has left the door open to bringing in special guests -- including his wife Trisha Yearwood -- and perhaps even Martina herself. Has she had a call from Garth yet? "Now, would I tell you that if I knew?," Martina answered with a giggle. "No, no calls yet."

On another subject, the upcoming CMA Awards, Martina confirms (with tongue firmly in cheek) that she'll be fighting it out with Reba McEntire to establish a new CMA record for Female Vocalist honors. "Oh, yeah, she's won it four times and I've won it four times, and that's the tie for the most wins," Martina says, adding, "I think she won it four years in a row which is pretty cool. I told somebody the other day ... 'Yeah, it's me and Reba in a fist fight. We're going to box each other!'"

Tune in to the CMA Awards on Nov. 11 to see if the other nominees in that category -- Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood -- beat Martina or Reba to the punch!