Martina McBride is enjoying being outdoors, both on and off the stage, while on her 'Waking Up Laughing' amphitheater tour. McBride brings bikes for her husband John and their three daughters on the road with them, so they can get some exercise, instead of being cooped up on the bus or in a hotel room.

"We ride most every day, even if it's just for a few minutes," McBride tells GAC. "Sometimes we put 'em in a van and try to find an actual bike trail, which is one of my favorite things to do on the road. We all go on the bike trails together. John pulls Ava (their youngest daughter) in a little wagon or carrier behind his bike, and it's really fun. But sometimes we just tool around the venue."

McBride's daughters are likely never bored when traveling with their famous mom. The star says each amphiteater is like a "little compound" with lots of activity.

"Some of 'em have rooms of video games, and they always have a really nice catering space where we can hang out, and everybody kind of communes there," she says. "We'll ride bikes around the entire facility. It's a lot of fun to be out there, and the kids are enjoying it, thank God."

Having traveled all over the country, McBride appreciates the vantage point she gets while on her bike. Citing Vancouver as the home of one of her favorite bike trails, she's also appreciative of the northeast.

"I love New England," she says. "It's so quaint and crisp and different."