Martina McBride may be one of country's biggest stars, but her passion for music certainly doesn't end there.

"I'm a big fan of '80s rock music," the vocal powerhouse tells Vancouver-based website Straight. Martina grew up singing along with the records of Linda Rondstadt, Bonnie Raitt and Pat Benatar, and doesn't think there's much difference between rock and country. She also wishes more people felt the same, asserting, "Country music is so much different than a lot of people have the stereotype of it being"

The CMA Female Vocalist of the Year nominee insists she's hardly alone in her belief. "A lot of artists and producers and musicians who make country records grew up listening to all kinds of music. People tend to think of country music as being about a certain thing or a certain kind of style, and it's really much broader than that."

Still, in spite of her fondness for classic rock, Martina believes country music has its advantages. "One thing about country music is it really embraces and expresses the emotion of whatever feeling you're trying to get across. Country-music fans listen to country music for expressions of real life, what they're going through -- songs that they can identify with, and songs that make them feel better."

The four-time winner of the CMA Female Vocalist trophy will compete this year against another quadruple winner in that category -- Reba McEntire. If either of the ladies wins, they will hold the record in that category. Also nominated are Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and reigning champ Carrie Underwood.