If you have ever seen Martina McBride in concert, then you know she can deliver a soaring ballad with her powerful pipes. Several artists have tapped the angelic-voiced singer to lend her vocals to their album, and the latest is the new solo album from Dave Stewart, best known as one-half of the groundbreaking pop duo, the Eurythmics.

Martina took to her blog to reveal details about her duet with Dave, titled 'All Messed Up On Love,' for his forthcoming album, which Martina's husband, John, engineered and mixed. "It is SO great, and you should hear it when it comes out," writes Martina. "Dave recorded at Blackbird and recorded 15 songs in five days (quite a different pace from the way we make country albums)! Then they mixed 13 songs in five days! John loved it and it sounds so great!"

There's no word on when the album will make its way into stores, but Martina will keep her fans updated on the release date.

Martina may have a little more time for studio work now that her three daughters are back in school. Her youngest, Ava, has started Kindergarten, also known as Pre-First. The doting mother says Ava is enjoying making new friends. "She let me know that four of her friends were boys! She said, 'They are boys and they are friends, so I can call them my boyfriends!' I think we're in trouble!"

Her oldest, Delaney, 15, is a sophomore in high school, and she started a club called Love Is Respect, which teaches girls about self-esteem and the challenges of teen dating. "They talk about signs of abuse and what defines a healthy relationship," notes Martina. "I am so proud of her ... she had to go in front of the faculty at the end of last year and talk about it and get it approved. I think she'll do a great job with it."

Thirteen-year-old Emma is in seventh grade and enjoys playing volleyball and hanging out with her friends. Her mother is really excited about this new year for her middle child. "She is really happy with all of her teachers and classes this year, and I think it will be a great year for her."

For Martina, she is currently writing and looking for songs for her new album, and she is also gearing up to participate in the star-studded, multi-network telethon, 'Stand Up 2 Cancer,' on September 10.