Martina McBrideNearly two months have passed since the tragic floods hit Middle Tennessee, and while some people have been able to move back into their homes, others are still left without a permanent place to call home. Country artists have come out in full force to donate their time, money and energy in helping the people of Nashville and surrounding areas get back on their feet.

Martina McBride, for one, has participated in flood relief benefits and also gone out in the community to offer assistance. She took her three daughters with her when she went out to survey the damage and check on her neighbors, and revealed it was an eye-opening experience for the girls, who range in age from 5 to 15.

"We went out and drove around and looked at everything, got out and talked to some people and delivered some water," Martina says. "I wanted them to see first-hand what people were going through and the effects of it. This is our community, our neighbors and our friends going through this devastation. I grew up in a very small town in Kansas where it was all about community. There were 200 people in the town, so if somebody was having a hard time, you really depended on the people in your community to pull together and help you. Nashville feels very much like a small town in that way, so I think it's important to give my kids the sense of that."

Last week, Martina took her daughters to New York City, where she appeared on NBC's 'Today Show.' While there, they took in a Broadway showing of 'Mary Poppins' and went to the popular restaurant Angelos in Little Italy before climbing aboard her tour bus and heading back to Nashville. The singer will also take her daughters on the road when she heads to Costa Mesa, Calif., on July 22. Click here for Martina's upcoming tour dates.

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