Martina McBrideMartina McBride and her husband, John, are the owners of a special NFL jersey that has become embroiled in a bit of controversy.

Back in October, when the Tennessee Titans were down 0-6 for the season, the team's coach, Jeff Fisher, saying he "just wanted to feel like a winner," wore a Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colt's jersey at a Nashville fundraiser. And although the coach insisted he had only worn it as a joke, not everyone was laughing. The coach donated the jersey to Nashville's Christian-based youth center Rocketown to auction off later that night.

Now, several weeks later, the Titans are on a definite upswing, with a record of 5-6 this season -- and all eyes watching to see how they'll do when they meet the Colts on the field this Sunday (Dec. 6). And what about that controversial jersey? According to Music City TV, Martina was the one who made a generous donation of over $1,000 to buy it. No word yet on what the singer plans to do with it, but an interview Martina and John did with ESPN is scheduled to air this weekend, so we may soon find out!

In the meantime, Rocketown director ReGina Newkirk says proudly, "We'd like to point out that the Titans are 5-0 since Coach Fisher wore that Colts jersey."

Martina, who in the past has been something of Tennessee Titans good luck charm, is on the road with the titanic Trace Adkins on their co-headlining Shine All Night tour.