Marshall Crenshaw has released his new EP, 'Red Wine.'

The release contains four newly-recorded songs, including a cover of James McMurty's 'Right Here Now' and a re-working of Crenshaw's 1991 single 'Delilah' titled 'Hey Delilah.'

The EP is part of Crenshaw's plan to release six three-song EPs over the next two years, rather than stockpiling songs and creating one larger album. The project was funded by fans through a Kickstarter campaign aimed at giving supporters a consistent stream of music from the artist.

“I’ve always put a great deal of care into the albums I’ve made, but as a listener, I’ve always been a singles guy and an individual-tracks guy," Crenshaw says. "I’m looking forward to creating a steady output of music in small batches, rather than being stuck in a cave for months and stockpiling a whole bunch of music and dumping it out all at once. Now, when I finish something, I get to put it out, instead of having to wait until I’ve got 12 more.”

'Red Wine' is available on 10" vinyl and through digital outlets on iTunes and Amazon.