Margo Price's critically acclaimed debut disc, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, features five songs co-written by her husband and band member Jeremy Ivey. The couple has a long history of working together -- including jointly forming the band Buffalo Clover before Price began her solo career -- but that doesn't necessarily mean their collaborations are always harmonious.

"[There's] lots of bickering back and forth about the exact right words," Price tells The Boot. "[But] we work as a team really well."

All 10 tracks on Midwest Farmer's Daughter were recorded live; they're songs that Price has lived with for quite some time.

"The songs have been around for quite a while," she notes, "but it was great to go in and record everything live, and to have such a warm reception off of an album that we really had a shoestring budget for."

Price isn't exaggerating when she talks about that small budget, either: She and Ivey sold one of their cars to help pay for studio time (and Price also pawned her wedding ring).

"We still have just one car," she shares, although her wedding ring is back where it belongs. "We still haven’t bought another car, because now I’m on the road all the time, so now I don’t need a car. But Uber definitely helps."

Price will spend much of 2017 on the road on her Born to Ramble Tour; a list of all of her upcoming shows is available on her official website. Midwest Farmer's Daughter is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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