It's every kid's dream: "We turned an old school bus into a traveling cupcake shop!" country newcomer Margaret Durante tells The Boot of her brand-new video for the catchy 'Maybe Tonight.' "I play a hippie who takes this old bus from city to city, and this guy comes to see her everyday, trying to catch her attention."

The whimsical video was shot in downtown Nashville, but Margaret explains she wants the viewer to feel like it could be any town, conjuring memories all of us have about budding romance.

"I wrote 'Maybe Tonight' with Rachel Proctor and Blair Daly," explains the Maryland native. "I was in the beginning of a new relationship, and I always draw from my own experiences. I wanted to show the excitement of the early stages of a relationship."


Margaret channels that excitement through a little choreography in the clip, something rarely seen in country music. But the blond beauty isn't trying to be Nashville's answer to Britney Spears; rather she wanted to add a unique theatrical element to help bring the song's lyrics to life.

"The only dancing I'd ever done before this was the dance team in high school, but we only had two events a year! But I've always loved to dance, and I associate dancing with being happy," Margaret explains. "My favorite movie is '500 Days of Summer,' and there's one scene where he's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) so happy that he can't contain himself, so he just breaks out into a dance and engages other people on the street. The whole point of this song is to make people feel like that! The dancing is to show how love physically makes you feel -- not just emotionally. And I want people to also remember you don't always have to take yourself so seriously."

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