Maggie Rose heads to the dark side with the video for her latest single, 'Looking Back Now.'

The singer, who is the only person who appears in the clip, embraces the song's lyric, which chronicles a woman's journey from heartache to death row: "They're strapping me down and I'm scared to die / Now I ain't the kind of girl to cry / But I find myself begging God for mercy / The room goes black and I wonder if He heard me."

Rose, formerly known as Maggie Durante, shows some serious acting chops in the video, using only whiskey, a gun and a cigarette as her props. But while the Maryland native is known for her velvet voice, she says she isn't afraid to push the envelope, in any aspect of her career.

“[Intentional] has been my keyword for this whole process," she notes. "I think that everything I do as an artist now should be with a purpose. I think that the way I write should be with intent behind it. It can serve different purposes, but make sure that every word written is intentional.”

'Looking Back Now' is the latest single from Rose's 2013 'Cut to Impress' album. Purchase the album here.