Two-year-old Lyanna Flynn is bravely fighting leukemia -- something no child should ever have to go through. But the sweet little girl stays in good spirits, even when taking her medicine, by listening to one of country's goofiest and big-hearted stars, Luke Bryan.

Mary Poppins sang, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down," but for Flynn, the line should be changed to "A few minutes of Luke Bryan helps the medicine go down." The little girl, who hails from New York, has to take medicine that makes her "mouth feel yucky," as she says in the video above. To combat the dread, her dad makes her a promise: "After we take your medicine, we can listen to your music."

Flynn gamely takes her medicine, and when her dad hands her his phone to play some music, she lights up. It's Bryan time. As "That's My Kind of Night" fills the room, she nods her head to the beat and dances, looking nothing like a little girl fighting cancer.

Flynn's father Chad tells Taste of Country that his daughter is “doing amazing” after three rounds of chemotherapy. “Luke Bryan music is her medicine,” he reveals. The little girl was diagnosed on Feb. 21 and started treatment on Feb. 24.

Although the first week was extremely difficult for their family, which also includes two older brothers and a sister, Chad acknowledges that the wonderful support of their community has helped him every day. Flynn has shown incredible strength so far, and her doctors are confident that she can beat cancer. In just a couple weeks, on March 23, she will undergo a bone marrow biopsy.

While the family continues to press forward, friends, family co-workers and strangers are using the #LyannaStrong hashtag to show their support. Fundraisers, including a golf tournament and a GoFundMe page have been set up to relieve the family of some medical expenses and provide a bit of peace of mind during this trying time.

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