Luke Robinson is preparing to release a new song, 'Country Mile,' to radio, and he's sharing the track with The Boot's readers.

"'Country Mile' was such a great song to record," Robinson says. "It's fun, uptempo and country. I can close my eyes and it takes me back home to Texas."

It just so happens that the tune was written by a friend of Robinson's, Bob Bishop.

"We shared many late nights writing songs together in Nashville," Robinson says, "and now we are so grateful to have a couple back out on the radio."

'Country Mile' is the second single off the Texas-born singer's current release, 'Swerve.' Robinson co-wrote 12 of the album's 16 songs. His 2007 album, 'Bad Luck,' spawned two Top 30 singles on the Texas country charts, but Robinson took a break from touring and moved to Nashville to focus on songwriting and honing his sound.

'Swerve' and 'Country Mile' are currently available on iTunes. Find out more about Robinson on his official Facebook page and Twitter account.

Listen to Luke Robinson, 'Country Mile':