Luke Bryan, Caroline BryanLuke Bryan will be home this Valentine's Day for the first time in many years. In fact, it'll be the first time since he and his wife Caroline were married in 2006.

"We're excited about having a Valentine's Day together," Luke tells The Boot.

Perhaps that's because Luke has to make up for the ghosts of Valentine's past. The 'Do I' singer recalls one rare Valentine's Day together, back when the two were dating, when he wasn't quite prepared for the holiday ... nor for his wife's reaction.

"We were going to [Nashville steak restaurant] Stoney River, and I didn't get a reservation," he explains. "So we went to [Nashville Italian restaurant] Buca di Bepo. It was a nightmare. I don't think she's ever been more mad at me, because they walk you through the kitchen. She's like, 'We're out here on Valentine's Day and I'm getting walked through the kitchen.' There were little 15 year olds giving promise rings, class rings out, and me and Caroline are sitting there."

So this year, Luke didn't wait until the last minute to make preparations for his loving wife. "I've got the reservation already lined up!" he proudly reports.

We're sure it'll be a very memorable night for the couple. In the meantime, Luke's climbing the country chart with 'Rain Is a Good Thing,' the follow up to his chart-topping romantic ballad, 'Do I.'