Luke Bryan and Wife CarolineNext month, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline will welcome their second child, son Tatum Christopher, to their family. With Luke being busier than ever with his red-hot music career, he has surprisingly remained on schedule with preparing for the baby's arrival.

"We're still getting ready every day, but for the most part, we're ready," Luke tells The Boot. "It's going to be exciting when the new little boy is here!"

Luke and Caroline's first son, 2-year-old Bo, is also excited, though he may understandably have a few jealousy issues. "It will be interesting to see how he's going to be with it," Luke laughs. "I think he'll enjoy it in time."

In the meantime, Bo has been enjoying one-on-one time with Daddy ... until Luke gases up the tour bus again. "He understands [what I do]. He recognizes me on TV and stuff," Luke explains. "He definitely knows that I'm a singer. Whether he equates that in his head or not, I don't know, but he certainly recognizes me on TV. He loves having a guitar and playing it at home. He's a trip!"

Caroline and Bo have been road warriors themselves, often joining Luke on tour. But with Tatum's arrival closing in, they've been staying home this summer. "Obviously with Caroline being pregnant they haven't come out in a few months," Luke says. "It's a little tough for them to get out with her getting close to the due date. We're just waiting on the little one to get here, and then we'll go from there!"

With summer touring in full swing, Luke is hoping that he is able to once again join Jason Aldean on the road. "We're trying to get all that worked out," Luke reveals of a possible joint tour. "I don't know 100% just yet, but we'd love to make that happen. We had fun on the first run. It was a good time!"

Luke is also having a good time on top of the charts once again, as 'Rain Is a Good Thing' -- currently sitting at No. 3 -- is likely poised to take the No. 1 spot in the next week or two. Watch him perform the song live in our studio below.

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